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Purebred Breeders is the premier option for adding a happy, healthy puppy to your family. Our nationwide network of experienced dog breeders share in our commitment to place the puppy of your dreams in the ideal home for their breed. Visit Purebred Breeders - PurebredBreeders.com Local Profile

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From sudden and catastrophic flooding that affects your entire home, to slow, unseen leaks that develop over a period of months… either way, by the time the problem is discovered, the damage is done. Water damage is the single most destructive forc... Visit Water Damage Cooper City FL Local Profile

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Embassy Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Statute 516 [Consumer Finance] in the State of Florida. We specialize in equity loans, loans are based on equity, not personal credit scores - and are made regardless of personal credit histo... Visit Embassy Loans Local Profile

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