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Dr U Hair & Skin Clinic

Dr U Hair & Skin Clinic | hair transplant

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Dr U Hair & Skin Clinic Overview

Dr. Sanusi Umar is a premier Los Angeles based hair restoration surgeon and dermatologist whose pioneering work has been published in leading, peer reviewed medical research journals. His years of dedicated work in the medical fields of hair and skin drove him to found Dr. U, a premier medical and personal health brand offering a variety of quality services and products to fulfill the personal care needs for people of all skin and hair types. Dr. Umar’s work has also been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, Good Morning America, Elle, ABC News, NBC News and CBS. (FUE) HAIR TRANSPLANT PROCEDURES Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinics provides regular (head donor) hair restoration and body hair transplantation procedures for: Hairline restoration Crown hair transplantation Severe baldness Hair transplant repair Eyelash transplantation Eyebrow restoration/ reconstruction Dr. Umar is also the inventor of a groundbreaking, patented Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant technology called Dr.UGraft™ which safely harvests hair transplant donor grafts from the head and anywhere on the body (body hair transplant). Patients can achieve reliable growth and unprecedented options in terms of desired coverage levels (even for severe baldness) and true to life detail. Additionally, Dr. Umar’s hair transplant procedures also offer exceedingly natural looking results for eyebrow restoration (for fuller brows) and eyelash transplant surgery (for longer lashes). SKIN PROCEDURES Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinics also specializes in medical and aesthetic procedures such as: laser hair removal, fraxel laser repair, acne treatment, tattoo removal, botox, juvederm, skin diseases, lip enhancement, liposuction, crows feet reduction, aging eyes, radiesse, fat transfer, tissue augmentation, laugh lines reduction, leg and spider veins, dark spots, facial redness correction, and all other dermatology conditions. We successfully treat Acne Keloidalis Nuchae that leaves patients with a natural looking posterior hairline without cosmetically significant scarring.

You Are Here: Local | Redondo Beach, CA | Hair Implants And Transplants | Dr U Hair & Skin Clinic