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Planbook Plus

Planbook Plus | lesson planning software

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Progressive Planning for Today's Teachers

Planbook Plus Overview

Planbook Plus makes the daily task of lesson planning intuitive and more effective by combining powerful tools for organization and alignment with ease of use. Designed by educators to seamlessly create or import lesson elements and map activities to curriculum and standards. The core features balance ease of use with efficient planning utilities. Timeline view for quickly generating the core of your scope and sequence. Calendar view for your day or week at a glance. Standards mapping and coverage reporting Customizable lesson components and resources. Planbook Plus is flexible enough to support your individual planning style while keeping you on-track and organized. Jumping into Planbook Plus couldn't be easier. Start by scope and sequencing your year, semester or quarter in timeline view. Add details as you go, or just focus on the broad outline and come back to add details when you are ready. Drag and drop makes it easy to reorder items, and the flexibility of the timeline supports fixed start dates, or a more flexible schedule. When you're ready for details, you can jump into the "details mode" on your timeline to enter the elements, standards and resources for your lesson. This is where the flexibility of Planbook Plus really shines. Attach standards, elements and resources to complete your lesson.

You Are Here: Local | Bethlehem, PA | Computer Software | Planbook Plus