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Address: 1931 Woodbury Ave Suite 171p
Portsmouth, NH 03820

  • (603) 301-4958

About Painting NH

Painting NH - Portsmouth, NH Painters near 03820. Call (603) 301-4958 Today to learn more about Painters in Portsmouth, NH.

Why Choose Painting NH?

Hey, we get it. There is a lot of trust that goes into having someone come into your home to make changes and disrupt your normal flow, especially strangers from an unknown company. We want to change that. Above all else, we want to be your trustworthy painting contractor. We are aiming for reliability and repeat service. CLEAN. We will make sure your home is as clean as we entered it, if not cleaner. We will not track in dirt and we will meticulously cover the areas we paint so that no spatter or mess are allowed to wander beyond the work area. Painting is often seen as a messy business but with the proper approach it can be done with hardly any disruption. SAFE. We love kids. And we have no doubt there will be kids on jobs where we need to work. We aim to keep the area sectioned off so that kids are not tempted to dabble with the colorful paint or get tangled in ladders. And if we meet a future aspiring painter, we hope you give us one of their masterpieces as a keepsake for our shop! We aim to connect with the families we service and be your chosen safe painting contractor. AFFORDABLE. You are outsourcing the work for a reason, and your time is money. You work hard so that your weekends can be spent with friends or family or in other pursuits, and when it is time to change things up with the glorious joy of color, we aim to do it within budget and always to your satisfaction so that your hard-earned money gets the proper respect it deserves. Allow us to be your affordable painting service and prove to you that this is worth way more than the money spent. QUALITY. Taping off corners is not enough. In this job, precision is a requirement. From painting perfect lines to trim, accent moulding, Victorian scrolls...a master hand is necessary to ensure the result is accurate and enhances the original beauty of any structure. We would not be in this business if we could not guarantee accuracy and a steady hand to get the job done well and pass muster under any scrutinous eye. RELIABILITY. We understand how important it is to be respectful of schedules and deadlines. We will discuss a full schedule with you in advance and make sure it is suitable for your needs. We will arrive on time and inform you well ahead of job completion if there are to be any delays or if the timeline needs to be extended which is rare. We will deliver all of the above with passion, enthusiasm and a smile. Call us today so you can bask in your gorgeous color palette and increase the value of your home or perk up your business.

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