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About Spokane Diesel Truck Repair

Spokane Diesel Truck Repair - Spokane, WA Auto Body Repair near 99205. Call (509) 774-3014 Today to learn more about Auto Body Repair in Spokane, WA.

Why Choose Spokane Diesel Truck Repair?

Spokane Diesel Truck Repair is a full service diesel truck repair shop located in Spokane, Washington. We offer maintenance and repair services for semi trucks, light duty diesel trucks, and diesel buses and vans. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance to get you back on the road as soon as possible. For situations that require intervention beyond roadside assistance, we also offer mobile repair service. For major problems that can't be repaired at roadside, we offer towing service. We know that time lost is money lost, so our goal is to get you back in business as quickly as possible. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Best rates, best hours, best service. (We do have reason to brag). Our diesel mechanics are the best in the business. They know how diesels think. Our maintenance services include pre-trip and routine inspections for: Cooling system, Engine oil, Fuel injection system, Brakes, Tires, Air intake, Pneumatics, Turbocharger, Glow plugs, Battery/Electrical, Steering/Suspension, Air Conditioning, and Transmission; Diesel engine oil and filter replacement using high quality synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oil; engine oil analysis, cooling system flush and replacement of coolant, SCA, and filters; test and replace thermostat and/or radiator cap if needed; transmission fluid and filter replacement; replace brake fluid, brake adjustment; transfer case and differential lube change; chassis lube; power steering fluid change; air conditioning test and inspection; EGR testing; air filter replacement, inspect and clean air intake components; diesel fuel filter replacement, timing of injection pump. Diesel engine diagnostics: engine scan and analysis, engine compression testing, fuel pressure testing, injector inspection, engine oil analysis (diesel fuel in the engine oil indicates one or more leaky injectors), injector pump timing, injector balance test, cylinder kill test, pyrometer test, and electrical troubleshooting. Repairs include more minor parts replacement such as injectors, alternators, and starters, to major repairs, such as engine and transmission overhauls. Whatever your diesel needs are, our mechanics have you covered. Maintaining a vehicle properly is far cheaper than paying for major repairs. Regular inspections can help pinpoint problems before they become a major issue. Routine maintenance can greatly prolong engine life and reduce operating costs. We use only the highest quality fluids, filters, and parts because using cheap materials is usually more expensive in the long run. Diesel engines and vehicles have peculiar needs. Diesel engines operate under extreme conditions that gas vehicles can seldom withstand. Increased compression, increased cooling demands, fuel system pressures, and load bearing demands are some of the issues peculiar to diesel engines. Our mechanics know how to squeeze the last mile from your diesel vehicle. They can give you tips and ideas of how to reduce the costs of maintaining your vehicle and increase the efficiency of your vehicle.

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