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About N-Spec Home Inspections

N-Spec Home Inspections - Theodore, AL General Contractors near 36582. Call (251) 776-2788 Today to learn more about General Contractors in Theodore, AL.

Why Choose N-Spec Home Inspections?

N-Spec Home Inspections provide home inspection services in Mobile Alabama. Kevin Graf is state certified home inspector and owner of N-Spec Home Inspections. Kevin’s background in remodeling homes helps him while inspecting a home. He can quickly identify problems with your roof, walls, flooring, plumbing, or HVAC system. N-Spec Home Inspections in Mobile Alabama works with potential home buyers to help them to get the “true story” of home that they are considering purchasing. N-Spec provides peace of mind to home buyers by giving them a comprehensive inspection report about the home. This allows them to know what to expect prior to purchasing a home. N-Spec Home Inspections also works with realtors in the Mobile area to quickly provide home inspections for properties being place on the MLS. N-Spec understands that time is a premium and that nobody wants to wait for days for a home inspector to inspect a home. This can slow down the entire home listing process and leads to frustration by realtors and clients. N-Spec responds quickly to requests for home inspections and providing a thorough home inspection report. N-Spec will not cut corners or fabricate anything to make a home inspection report look better (or worse). The home inspection report is the home’s report card – good or bad and N-Spec will stand behind the report 100%. N-Spec Home Inspections will inspect a home from the ground to the roof. We evaluate the foundation, crawl space, drainage, structure of the siding (vinyl, brick, wood, etc.). We will also examine the walls of the home to ensure none are leaning in or out, that they are as square as possible, and that there are no signs of insect problems. We will do a thorough inspection of the floors, carpet, tile, and other common flooring to make sure it has been installed properly, shows no signs of water damage, excessive wear, doesn’t contain smelly pet stains or insects, and that it is free from bowing or sagging. We will examine all of the home’s appliances (will actually turn on and run all appliances) to make sure all are working properly, all cabinets and countertops will be assessed to ensure all are opening and closing, hardware is present, and that the countertops are not damaged. N-Spec Home Inspections will have our inspector test the plumbing to look for leaks, ventilation, proper drainage, water pressure, ensure that the water heater works, and that all toilets flush properly. In addition, they will run the HVAC system through many cooling and heating phases, check for proper gas line connects and ventilation to eliminate carbon monoxide build up. N-Spec will send the home inspector into the attic to check for proper insulation, rafter support, look for potential rodent damage to wiring or large collections of feces or urine. The underside structure of the roof will be inspected to identify any signs of leaking or damage. The inspector will then go on the roof to assess the quality of the roof, inspect the flashing next to the house, the connection to the gutters, and look for improperly installed shingles and/or signs of leaks or holes in the roof. In general, N-Spec’s Home Inspection takes anywhere from 4-6 hours to complete (depending on the size of the home). They do not rush, but will work expediently. Every aspect of the home is inspected and noted. A comprehensive inspection report (20-30 pages) is then provided within 1-2 days to the client that gives complete details about what was found. N-Spec does not make any repairs during the inspection, but can make recommendations and explain the consequences if some findings are ignored and not addressed. Call N-Spec Home Inspections Today for Mobile’s Best Home Inspection Services. Call our main phone at (251) 776-2788 or email us at nspechomeinspectionsmobile@gmail.com.

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