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Some ants make big dirt mounds, they are easy to find when you walk around in your yard. Some ants are very hard to find because they hide their mounds in places that are difficult to see. Some ants will even travel a great distance to get to your home.You may see a big mound or pile of dirt where it should not be, if you do not see any ants coming and going, just scrape a bit of dirt of the top with a stick and you may see an explosion of ants. Many pest control experts take a three-part approach to controlling ants. Similar to baits for foraging ants, granular baits are placed around mounds and taken by ants back to their mound colonies. These baits are slow acting, and they kill the ants from inside their own environment. Visible mounds can be destroyed with liquid or dry trench chemicals that quickly kill the ants inside of the mound. Finally, preventive measures are taken by using broadcast insecticides that are spread on the soil; they are designed to kill ants upon contact with the treated soil if you think you have ants or garden bugs call Official Pest Control 916-226-4836 Serving Yolo County California Since 2000. Ant Control Service in West Sacramento CA: The first step is to identify the particular species of ant, our pest control technician will inspect all areas of your home.

We have over 33,000 happy customers since 2000. Here are some reason you might want to consider getting a free estimate from Official Pest Control 916-226-4836 to spray for pest problems at your home, office or business. Insect Control Problems in West Sacramento For people who have kids and pets going in and out all day creates an easy way for insects to get into the house through an open door or to be carried in on a pet. We serve West Sacramento CA and have the correct tools, experience and knowledge to find the best green alternative pest control solutions to stop the bugs while protecting your family and pets.

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